The invisible Dr. No

pdm_4393longversionwebblogmIf you want to be a double or triple agent Bond girl with style, made for action or/and glamour and ready to trade your watch to organize a last ditch escape or lethal means to pursue your mission, there is nothing better than the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore with its 18k pink gold case.

The bezel is all ceramic, with brushed tops and polished sides, durable and highly scratch resistant offering people the longevity they should expect out of such a high-end watch. Straps are made of rubber and case size is 44mm, perfect for our secret asset. The water resistance is 100meters, not as much as the AP Royal Oak Offshore Diver version with its 300 meters resistance, but it’s all about blending in among the Casino Royale type of villains and being able to perform well in underwater dive combat situations or/and sabotage with an unbeatable class. #audemarspiguetpdm_1821webmpdm_1826reframedwebmimg_0446webmpdm_4199webmpdm_1856webmimg_0286webmimg_0211webmpdm_1823webmimg_0116webmimg_7112awebmpdm_4323webmpdm_9461webm

Photography ©Peter De Mulder, Bond girl – Zohra Scholtes, Beauty – Brigitte Petit, swimsuit Tara Matthews…Unfortunately the villain escaped his fate this time…

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